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Database-Driven Systems

Database-driven web systems are powerful alternatives to traditional, static, HTML-based sites in the way they allow you to manage content.

The word "database-driven" may, at first, sound intimidating to the uninitiated - but what it means, simply, is that data (e.g. your site's content) is stored in an online database. Pages are created "on the fly" from this data when a user navigates through the site. 

Chances are you probably have been to a site that is database-driven without even realising it! Blogs, forums, online photo galleries, video sharing sites (e.g. and most news sites ( included) are examples.

Database-driven sites usually have one thing in common: they allow the site admin to login via a web-based interface to manage content without any programming knowledge. Any moderately computer-literate individual (e.g. one who can send out emails!) should have no difficulty operating such a site - and in the process, save a great deal of webmaster costs in keeping the content updated and relevant to your audience.

Contact us if you have a project in mind that requires a database-driven system. Our solutions include a number of robust and affordable open source software that can be customised to your needs.Click on the link below to find out more about the database-driven content management system (cms) that we typically use to build quality web sites.


Award-winning system: Joomla Content Management System (cms)

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