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Website Redesign

Many corporate websites came into being simply because someone in the organisation thought it was a good idea to have one. Without a clear web strategy, a website lingers in cyberspace as a mere presence - at best to be seen once but never to be revisited again.

Your website should work for you and your business by, among other things, reaching out to prospects, creating a positive impression, expanding your customer base, boosting sales and repeat business.

If your website is lacking in any way, contact us for a no-obligation evaluation. Some points to consider include:

  • how would you like your site to work for you?
  • what works on your site and what needs to change?
  • what has been your customers' online experience so far? Review customer service calls, emails and complaints to get a feel
  • how does your site compare against those of your competitors?

Check out recent projects on our Portfolio page.

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