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The following are selected web sites that we have developed in recent months using the award-winning Joomla content management system (cms). Several of the projects included custom extension development in order to provide required functionalities. Click to see an enlarged image or use the scroller on the right to view the live sites.

Zero Gravity Solutions Inc

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. is a company, based in Boca Raton, Florida, which owns a significant portfolio of Intellectual Property (‘IP”) that has enabled dramatic scientific breakthroughs derived from six NASA sponsored flights to the International Space Station (“ISS”). Its mission is to be the first company to commercialize dramatic scientific breakthroughs in the area of unique and patentable plant, animal and human stem cells developed through the ISS space station to improve life on earth.

Lenbrook Asia

Lenbrook Asia markets and distributes a range of high quality equipment for serious audio and video enthusiasts including the latest in digital media players, home theatre components, electronic lifestyle systems, custom audio/video installation technologies and "intelligent" homes. This tremendous suite of renowned brands from all over the world allows Lenbrook’s customers to enjoy a "one stop" shopping experience. At present, Lenbrook Asia handles channel management for NAD and PSB in 18 countries from our geographically advantageous location and markets and distributes Geneva and Tivoli Audio domestically and in Malaysia.

John Wayne Kennedy Foundation Mission

The JW Kennedy Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation established in the state of Texas in April 2012. The mission of the Foundation is to conduct the Accilion Preclinical Research by providing volunteer candidates to treat their serious diseases, free of charge, with the topical Accilion cream provide by Mitigation of Diseases, Inc. The Foundation has taken on the responsibility of securing funding for the continuation of the research and subsequent commercialization of the innovative products that have been discovered and researched by John W. Kennedy. These existing and potential products may ultimately provide significant benefits and less invasive therapies to patients afflicted with many types of diseases.

FTMSGlobal Academy

FTMSGlobal Academy is a leading privately owned higher education institution in Singapore. Established in 1986, it is today the largest outside the United Kingdom for courses offered in professional accounting and finance. Media Genesis developed and maintains its corporate website as well as the regional websites for Singapore, Corporate HQ, China, India, Mauritius and Hong Kong.

BITeS Academy

BITeS Academy is a workplace for skill building and training in the field of Business Intelligence, testing and development. BITeS Academy is committed to help its client to develop skill in advance business intelligence and in quality control, therefore emerging as “Industry Ready” professionals.

British Alumni, Singapore

The British Alumni Singapore is a society of UK graduates residing in Singapore. The society was initiated in June 1986 with the support of Mr Desmond Lauder, former British Education Counsellor at the British Council and a group of young, returned Singaporean graduates.

Balestier Khalsa FC

Balestier Khalsa Football Club is a professional football club which plays in Singapore's S.League. Balestier Khalsa Football Club is a founding member of FAS Premier League in 1988 and S.League in 1996.

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